One thing 2020 gave us (aside from learning how far 6 feet really is & trying 10 different recipes for banana bread), was an excuse to go back to the au natural brow.  If you’ve decided to take back control of your brows at home, then this is the guide for you!

I try to forget the times when attempting to balance my brows resulted in looking like I had tiny lines on my face.  Cue embarrassing reference photo…

After some self inflicted brow mistakes in my teens and twenties, I’ve been out off doing my brows at home. That is, unless I forget to book an appointment and realise I’ve got an event coming up that I’d prefer not to resemble a cave woman at. I just don’t trust myself with a wax kit at home, and tweezing them feels like way too much effort.  

Since lockdown I think I’ve made it into the salon 2 or 3 times to get them ‘done’ properly. The rest of the time has been spent either embracing them in all their natural glory, having a half arsed attempt at tweezing them before getting bored or (very occasionally) sitting down with my magnifying mirror and going all out.  

Without a doubt, the easiest way of keeping on top of keeping on top of them (which is one of the very small list of new year resolutions for 2021).   

What you’ll need to maintain your brows at home

A metal makeup spatula (or a ruler)

A brow (or eye) liner

A pair of tweezers

One thing that’s much easier when doing somebody else’s brow is the overall shape, and making sure they match up. 

Aesthetically, brows help frame our face, add structure and can help you look more ‘put together’ even on a makeup free day.  It all comes down to angles, and matching the angle to your eye shape.  

How to pluck your brows at home

How to pluck brows at home

First off, you need something with a straight edge.  I used one of my metal makeup spatulas, but a ruler or even an eye pencil will do the job.  

Then, line it up with the side of your nose, going just inside the inner corner of your eye.  This is about where you want your brow to start.  Put one mark here with a liner, I used an eyeliner so it’s a bit easier to see.

How to pluck brows at home

Next you want to find where the arch should be, so keep the ruler by the side of the nose.  Then angle it across the centre of your pupil when you’re looking straight ahead.  This is where the highest point of the brow should be.  

How to pluck brows at home

Finally, move it to line up with the outer corner of the eye, this is where the brow should end.  

Brow Tip
Pluck brows after the shower, the warmth opens up the follicle making it easier to pluck.

When it comes to knowing how thick brows should be, it’s very much down to personal choice. 

To avoids that ‘tadpole’ brow from the early 00s, try connecting the 3 lines you’ve just drawn together. Make sure the two lines along the brow are parallel (the same width all the way along). Then taper it off from the arch down to the point.  

If you’re not sure how thick you want them to be, take one row of hairs from the bottom of the brow at a time.  Remember, once they’re gone – they’re gone for at least a few weeks! Avoid plucking from the top of the brow, concentrating on the bottom of the brow. Still make sure to tidy up any strays from the top of the brow though.

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