Is there any better feeling than opening up a gorgeous new eyeshadow palette?  That feeling can soon turn into panic when you start creating a stunning look, which just isn’t turning out anything like you thought it would! When I talk to women about the makeup that they struggle with, eyeshadow is always near the top of the list. A lot of that stress can be taken away by fixing these really common eyeshadow mistakes.  

Eyeshadow Mistakes No1 – Using the applicator which comes with your eyeshadow palette

A lot of high street eyeshadow palettes include a little sponge applicator, and trust me – they’re almost impossible to get a gorgeous, blended eyeshadow with! Instead, it’s definitely best to invest in a couple of really good eyeshadow brushes.  I would always advise having one or two blending brushes, along with a shader brush to press shadow into the skin.  A pencil brush is another good investment, especially for applying shadow underneath the eye or in the inner corner where you need to be more precise.  

Some of my favourite blending brushes are the Peaches & Cream PC10 and PC22, the LimeLife #10 blending brush, and the Kitstars S30 and S31.  

For shader brushes, you can’t go wrong with the Zoeva 232 or the SoEco Shading Brushes

I love the LimeLife #11 brush, is perfect for detail areas without any harsh lines. 

All these brushes are vegan, and LimeLife are Leaping Bunny certified too, so you can be sure no bunnies have been harmed!

Some people prefer using their fingers over brushes, and although I’m not one of them. If I had to chose between using a free spongey applicator or my would be my fingers every time without fail! 

Eyeshadow Mistakes No2 – Applying eyeshadow before your foundation

Out of all the eyeshadow mistakes reducing fallout is so easily solved!  Some shadows are definitely better than others with reducing fallout, but it generally depends on the pigment that’s being used.  I’ve not yet found a good yellow eyeshadow without fallout, and if you’re using loose’s virtually impossible to avoid! 

Applying eyeshadow before foundation
Makeup: Kat Lord Makeup Artist
Behind the Scenes captured by: Ruth Taylor Photography

It’s never fun realising your time spent creating a perfect, glowing face has gone to waste now it’s got flecks of eyeshadow and glitter on it? Easy – do your eyes first! It means you can easily tidy up any fallout from your eyes.  

It is also best to not apply foundation to eyelids underneath eyeshadow.  Foundation can sit in any fine lines, and make your shadow more likely to crease.  So by applying it afterwards means you don’t accidentally apply any on to your eyelids.  

Eyeshadow Mistakes No3 – Using too many colours at the same time

This one feels slightly hypocritical as I am an absolute lover of bold, blended eyeshadow..BUT I also absolutely appreciate how stunning using one colour eyeshadow can look.  If you’re not sure on blending, then it’s always best to start with one colour and get that nailed first.  If you try to fit too many colours in, all blended perfectly, it can easily look muddy and patchy without a bit of practise beforehand.  

Classic eyeshadow with winged liner
Makeup: Kat Lord Makeup Artist
One colour used with it being concentrated and blended on different areas of the eye

Concentrate the colour in the crease, and then blend up so it fades out over your brow bone.  Then pat the eyeshadow across your lid, fading out slightly towards the inner corner.  By avoiding packing on the lid colour close to the inner corner, this helps to open up the eye.  If you have a shimmer or highlight, use a small brush to apply that to the inner corner to brighten them up even more.  

Now you’ve got those eyeshadow mistakes sorted, check out these tips on eyeliner – an absolute must if you’ve got hooded eyes!