The double cleanse – aka the best ‘secret’ skincare hack (which really shouldn’t be a secret!)

If you haven’t heard about double cleansing it’s a super easy way to boost your skincare routine without over complicating it or investing into lots of new products.  It’s derived from East Asian skincare routines which generally consist of 8 or 10 steps, but don’t worry – it’s definitely not that complex or time consuming!  The basis of double cleansing is using one product to remove makeup, and another to give a deeper cleanse to ensure skin is properly clean.  

Why should I double cleanse? 

Being able to use gentler products to protect your skin and not accidentally cause damage, but still ensuring your skin is absolutely free from dirt and impurities which have built up through the day.  It also means less breakouts from products like SPF which although a lot of people think cause breakouts, it’s normally the fact they’re not been removed properly at the end of the day. 

How do I do it? 

Generally the first cleanse is done using an oil based product, which cuts through makeup and SPF (even if it’s waterproof). You can use either an oil based cleanser, an oil based micellar water or a facial oil which you already own – no baby wipes!  Apply it with a cotton pad to dry skin till all the surface makeup has been removed, then rinse with a wash cloth. 

For the second cleanse it’s important to use a product which is suitable for your skintype, for dry and dehydrated skin a hydrating cream cleanser like Quench Cleanse and for oily, acne prone skin a cleanser designed to balance oil and bacteria like Dream Clean. This second step is to start to treat any skin concerns, and give a deeper clean without using harsh products which can damage and strip your skin.  

When should I double cleanse? 

Personally I don’t double cleanse in the morning, I save it for night time only.  Although it’s so important to make sure your skin’s clean when I haven’t used any other products over night I don’t need to apply extra cleansing products to my skin when I don’t need to remove makeup or SPF.  Over washing can weaken the skin’s barrier, making it drier and more sensitive, so save the double cleanse for once a day and make sure you use gentle, skin friendly products

Making sure your skin is super clean means those serums and night time moisturisers you’ve invested in will be able to work even more effectively as they can easily penetrate your skin rather than trying to soak through dirt which is left in your pores.