Master your Makeup Bag


Virtual Appointment

Take back control of your makeup bag, understand your skin type and what colour’s work best for you, and what out of the makeup you’ve already got should be your go to products.


It’s hard having confidence when you start doubting yourself first thing in the morning when you go to wash your face, and wonder why you’re still using the same cleanser without seeing the results. Or digging through your makeup bag to find that eyeshadow palette you picked up without really knowing if it’s the right shades for you.
With a full skin and colour consultation, a review of your skincare routine and your makeup bag, this virtual consultation gives you the confidence that what you’re using is right for you, and the permission to finally get rid of that lipstick that you’ve been using since the 90s because you didn’t know what else to chose.

We will be in touch within 24 hours of your payment being received to arrange a date & time for your appointment.


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