Eyeliner and hooded eyes aren’t two words which seem to go together. With liner transferring or the shape not looking right it can be a minefield, and so many of my makeup clients think it just can’t be done.

But eyeliner for hooded eyes is so easy – once you know how!

What are hooded eyes?

The trick, is to apply your liner with your eyes open, this shows where your eyeliner needs to sit. It also stops your eyeliner from smudging. When applying eyeliner with your eye closed, it can smudge as soon as you open it.

It gives a gorgeous wing when your eyes are open, and looks really funky when your eyes are closed too!

The eyeliner you use is so important too. Gel liner with a brush can be a bit more difficult if you’re out of practise, plus needs a good quality brush to get sleek. Liquid eyeliner is another option, but it can take a bit longer to dry. My favourite is the Limelife by Alcone Perfect Eyeliner, which is a pen liner. It dries really quickly, and the tip is so fine and soft it glides on easily.

If you’re still not sure on how best to apply eyeliner for your eye shape, have a look at booking a virtual one-to-one lesson. They’re always customised to you and what you want to learn. So if your not sure on eyeshadow for hooded eyes either, you can learn it all!