What’s my skin type?

Understanding your skin is the most important step before buying any skincare, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for wasting money, and potentially really upsetting your skin.

Quickly find out your skin type now, just answer the questions below.

Worryingly a third of people who took part in a 2019 OnePoll study with Cerave didn’t know what their skin type was, and 37% were using a cleanser not suitable for their skin type.

Wanting to solve skincare concerns without knowing where you’re starting from is a bit like putting an address in a sat nav, but missing out your current location – it’s easy to get lost and will definitely take longer to get where you want to go.

Having a good skincare routine means not only are you spending less money on unnecessary products, your self confidence increases when you love what you see in the mirror and if you’re also a makeup lover it makes applying makeup so much easier having a solid skin foundation underneath it.