There are a few questions which would make someone a millionaire if they could find the answer to them. Like –

‘Is there an afterlife?’

‘How and why are the Kardashian’s still famous?!’ 


’How can turn back the clock and reverse our age?’ 

Unfortunately, I’m not a millionaire and have no idea what the answer to any of those questions are, but according to a study earlier this year by Harvard researchers there might just be a way to repair DNA – meaning less skin cancer, fewer wrinkles and baby soft, smooth skin.  As reported by Allure, it’s all thanks to a molecule called NAD, which to massively simplify a complex process, lets the anti ageing proteins PARP1 be able to do it’s job and fix up your damaged cells.  Although the science bit is there, how it could actually work in humans is still to be discovered so it might be a while before you can find it on the shelf in Boots! 

Fear not though, because in the meantime there are still things you can do to ‘reverse’ age your skin


The biggest cause of ageing in our skin – UV rays (aka sunlight).  A massive 80% of the ageing of our skin is caused by sun damage.  UVA can penetrate glass and is still present albeit in lower levels on cloudy days. So, come rain or shine, a good broad spectrum SPF is going to keep your skin protected.  Research shows that using SPF daily can even reverse ageing which has already happened – win win!

Vitamin C

VitC isn’t just good for your body, it’s also good for your skin! Thanks to it being full of antioxidants, it helps protect our skin from free radical atoms.  These free radicals ‘steal’ electrons from our healthy cells, which damages them over time, causing ‘ageing’.  Antioxidants give the free radical a spare electron instead of it taking one from our healthy cells.  Meaning we’re left with healthier, glowing skin which is better equipped, with plenty of healthy cells, to repair itself.  


One of the biggest game changers in my skin routine was when I began using a retinol.  They help the skin to turnover quicker, meaning those new healthy skin cells come up to the surface much quicker.  They also help the skin to produce more collagen, which helps our skin stay elastic rather than drooping. 


There are so many anti-ageing moisturisers on the market. Just using a normal moisturiser that’s right for your skin type is going to give you a pretty good head start in the anti-ageing game.  Not only does it keep your skin healthy, meaning it can repair itself quicker, it’s also a bit like blowing up a balloon once it’s started to go down.  It begins to get a bit wrinkly, but if you put more air (or in our skin’s case – moisture) it plumps back up and is back to being lovely & smooth.