5 Uses for One product, with One Ingredient – Introducing One Drop Wonder

5 Surprising Uses for One Drop Wonder

As far as cosmetic products go, it doesn’t get much simpler than One Drop Wonder, with its ingredients list being just one item long – Pomifera Oil. Pressed from the seeds of a tiny fruit from the Maclura Pomifera tree this is no standard facial oil.  Perfect for oilier skins thanks to it being absorbed almost instantly, delicate enough to be used on even the most sensitive skin and packed with Omega-6 to hydrate and renew dehydrated faces.  It’s not just amazing for your skin, one little bottle has a multitude of uses and these are 5 of my favourites.  

Super Charge..

Thanks to One Drop Wonder being so easily and quickly absorbed by mixing it with your moisturiser, serum or even your cleanser means the other product can be so much more effective.  It’s like letting them jump on the back of a Maclaren to super speed their way through the top layer of your skin.  

Take it Off..

Makeup remover can be a touchy subject especially if you’ve got sensitive skin, and nobody wants to be scrubbing their lashes to get every last bit of waterproof mascara off.  Just pop a drop or two of One Drop Wonder on a cotton pad, and hold it for a few seconds over your eye and let it work it’s magic.  The oil breaks down the water-resistant ingredients used in a lot of eye products, as well as it moisturising and hydrating while it’s at it.  To make sure your skin is squeaky clean follow up with your cleanser as a double cleanse.  

Scrub it Up..

Nobody loves dry lips, and though a lot of DIY skincare doesn’t quite match up to professional formulas, a lip scrub is super easy and effective.  Just take a bit of sugar or an exfoliator like Bamboo Renew and mix it with a drop of One Drop Wonder and smooth it over your lips.  Leave it to let the oil soak in to make the most of the hydrating oil, then gently massage it in to remove dead skin cells to say hello to gorgeous soft lips. 

Burn Baby Burn..

Whether it’s summer or you’ve caught your arm on the oven (not talking from experience..honest!) once you’ve rinsed your burn under cold water applying a bit of One Drop Wonder helps your skin’s healing to get you burn free quickly and reducing the chance of scaring. For sunburn mixing it with a bit of Aftersun or Cool Balm moisturiser adds in the extra benefits of Aloe Vera to soothe while you heal. 

Soak it Up..

It’s not just your face who deserves a bit of One Drop Wonder, and adding water into the mix makes it even easier for the oil to soak in.  It’s an awesome way to boost collagen production all over, and help your skin stay tight and supple, plus studies show oil baths help women recover from childbirth faster and help the uterus shrink back to it’s usual size quicker..

What’s your favourite way to use One Drop Wonder

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