Whether you’ve got a makeup bag overflowing with products, or if you have the same few things which you always stick to because makeup isn’t really ‘your thing’, there’s a few products which I honestly believe every woman needs, along with a few which we really don’t.  

If you’re curious about skincare too, make sure you take a look at 5 Things You Need in your Skincare..and 5 You Really Don’t as well!

Need It – Cream Highlighter

A cream highlight instead of a powder gives that appearance of an inner glow instead of glitter central. It’s one of those products which works for every age & skintone, especially when it’s applied before any foundation or base product.  If you want the kind of highlight you can see from space then using a cream before your powder highlight gives the perfect base to make it pop even more. The Danessa Myricks Dew Wet balm is the most natural, glowiest ‘highlight’ I’ve ever seen, and the clear suits absolutely everyone so no worrying about which shade is best! 

Need It – The Right Blush

For years I was one of those people who never wore blush, it just never seemed to look natural. That was until I realised I was just using the wrong colour blush, or rather the wrong undertones.  The right colour blush is very much like the right colour foundation, it’s as much about whether it’s warm or cool toned as it is about the actual colour.  If you need a warmed toned foundation go for a blush which is peach or coral toned, and if you’re cooler a blue based red or pink will look beautiful.  

Need It – The Perfect Red

Red lipstick seems to be one of those marmite makeup products – people either love it, or hate it.  The feeling a red lipstick gives is something I wish every woman would give themselves a chance to experience, and similarly to blush it generally comes down to the right tone for your skin.  If you never go for reds and it scares you, why not try a sheer shade like 206 Shirley Temple to give a buildable colour you can make as subtle or as bright as you want. 

Need It – Eyeshadow Base

Whether I’m wearing eyeshadow or not, if I’m wearing ‘full’ makeup, applying PLouise base to my lids is a must.  It minimises creasing, which one an area of your face which is constantly moving, can be a big problem especially once we’re over 25.  When I am wearing eyeshadow it starts off by giving me a clean, even base to work on so I’m not relying on the shadow colour to cover any veins or darker areas.  Using a base (or eyeshadow primer) means I need less shadow as it makes the colours more vibrant, reduces fallout as the shadow has something more to grip onto and ultimately makes it last longer without smudging or sliding when it’s hot or the makeup has to last a long time. 

Need It – Brow Mascara

If brows aren’t on your list of places to apply makeup to, I get it! Sometime’s it can be hard getting the balance between a neat, structured brow and unnatural blocks above your eyes, which are never flattering.  So if you’re not sure what to start with or what you need, skip the pomades, powders and even pencils (though pencils are my first choice for creating & filling in brows), and go for a brow mascara.  Using a clear product will just enhance your natural brows & make sure any wilder hairs are tamed and stay put. If you need them to appear fuller then one like Perfect Brow Gel helps to fill in any gaps too, with natural fibres which attach to your brow hair to give the illusion of more brow hair with a couple of strokes. 

Leave It – Primer

I feel like this one’s a bit controversial, it’s definitely a point my best friend and I disagree on anyway! I know primer’s are hailed as the be all and end all to a flawless complexion, but honestly applying foundation properly is much more important and means you have one less layer of product on your face.  I prefer to pat in foundation with the side of a brush, in a similar way to using a sponge or beauty blender, just much more hygienic and easy to clean.  It means your skin isn’t aggravated by rubbing it and if you have any texture the product is being placed on top rather than ‘swept’ over it which can make it even more obvious. Unfortunately I’ve never found a primer to make super textured skin smooth, it’s something only photoshop and editing can achieve, so in short, I wouldn’t waste your money. 

Leave It – BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser

This one is more for if you want to use both tinted moisturiser and full coverage foundation, or if you’re quite dark skinned and struggle to find a BB cream which is dark enough.  It’s much more cost effective to have a foundation and then adjust the coverage to what you need – and reducing the coverage is much easier than increasing it.  I use a facial oil or moisturiser, take a bit of foundation and mix them together before applying them as normal.  Hello tinted moisturiser from the products you already have! 

Leave It – SPF over Factor 30

SPF 15, 30 or 50, there’s some pretty big jumps between those numbers, and definitely bigger jumps than there are between the difference in protection each one gives.  SPF 15 protects against about 93% of UVB rays, SPF 30 about 97% and SPF 50 about 98%, so between 30 and 50 the difference is only 1% more.  The problem with factor 50 is that it can give an almost false sense of security, with people thinking because it’s so high they don’t need to reapply it, but it only lasts for the same amount of time as any other factor.  It’s also equally as important to make sure your sunscreen has UVA protection, which are the rays responsible for a lot of skin ageing and can penetrate glass leaving you susceptible even when you’re inside. 

Leave It – Lip Plumping Glosses

How do lip plumping glosses work? They irritate your lips to make them swell using ingredients like capsicum (found in chilli peppers), cinnamon, bee venom or peppermint.  The effects aren’t guaranteed for everyone as it depends how sensitive your lips are, and your lips can become used to them over time, reducing the effectiveness. The other thing to bear in mind is that because they’re designed to be irritating they can damage your lips if you use them regularly, making them more likely to be chapped and dry.  I much prefer to make sure they’re hydrated, and use a lip liner and shading to make lips appear bigger over a plumping gloss. 

Leave It – Correcting concealers

By this I mean you don’t need every colour correcting concealer.  It’s a bit like buying every type of moisturiser, one for dry skin, sensitive skin, normal skin and oily skin if your skin type is always sensitive.  It’s much more cost effective, and less wasteful to look at which colours you need to correct imperfections in your skin and stick to those.  A quick guide is green for redness (a go to for acne prone skin), peach toned for blue based dark circles, and lilac to disguise yellow tones.